Agricultural Fertilizers (V-Active)

Agricultural Fertilizers (V-Active)

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We provide Silicon Based Spreader, Sticker, Activator and Penetrator to our clients. Following is the specification of Plant Activator.

Other Detail:

  • Contain: Silicon Based Technical, Highly concentrated
  • Function: To use with all pesticides & fungicides as Spreader, Sticker, Activator and Penetrator
  • Dose: 0.1 ml per Ltr. Of Water (1.5ml per 15 Litr of Water)
  • Recommended Crops: Any Field Crops and/ or Horticultural Crops.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most of all Pesticides / Fungicides / PGR
  • Packing: 25ml, as per requirement
  • Bulk Packing: 20 Ltr  HDPE Containers