Agricultural Fertilizers  (V-Mashter)

Agricultural Fertilizers (V-Mashter)

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We offer the V-Mashter is a Best Agri Product Organic Fertilizers that are the stimulant for plants growth without harming the produce. These are very beneficial and are necessary in farming. The V-Mashter contains Seaweed, Humic acid, Amino acid, Fulvic with growth elements.  It increases the growth of the plant, flowers, Fruits and result into higher yield. The features are as following.
  • Content: Seaweed, Humic acid, Amino acid, Fulvic with 12 trace elements
  • Function: To increase growth and no. of flowers and to prevents pre-dropping of fruits & flowers
  • Dose: 1gm  per Liter of water
  • Recommended Crops: Any Crops
  • Application Time: At any time
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most of all pesticides / fungicides / PGR
  • Pack In: HDPE bottles
  • Packing Available: 100gm, 200gm, as per requirement.
  • Bulk Packing: 20/ 25 kg Bag