Plant Growth Promoter (V-Root Plus)

Plant Growth Promoter (V-Root Plus)

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V-Root PlusPlant Growth Regulator comprises 98% Humic Acid, which is entirely water soluble. With its any time easy-to-use feature, farmers prefer this growth regulator. The regulator enhances the plant growth as well as increases the yield. It is utilized as a spray, or drenched in the seed treatments. 

V-Root Plus Plant Growth Regulator Features:

Content: Humic Acid 98% (fully water soluble).
Dose: 5-8 gm per 15 Liter of water.
Function: Increases growth of roots and ultimately increases the growth of plants.   
Suggested Crops: Any Field Crops / Fruit Crops / Horticultural Crops.
Application Time: At any time, as a seed treatment, as Foliar spray and drenching.
Compatibility: Harmonious with all pesticides, fungicides or PGR.
Packing Available: 125 gm, 250 gm, or as per demand. 
Pack In: HDPE bottles & Jars.
Bulk Packing: 20 / 25 kg HDPE Bags.