Plant Growth Promoter (V-Stim)

Plant Growth Promoter (V-Stim)

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We offer very effective Plant Growth Stimulator, known as V-STIM. This stimulator contains carboxylic acid, amino acid, nitrobenzene and emulsifier. It helps in increased yield of flower, and stops early / pre dropping of flowers. Plant Growth Promoter can be utilized at any time of the plant growth. It is perfect for fruit and flower growth. Its features are following: 

Dose: 0.5-0.6 ml per Liter of water
Function: To increase number of flowers, prevent pre-dropping of flowers and fruits. 
Ideal for: Any Field Crop / Horticultural Crop. 
Used as on: At any time.
Compatibility: Mix with most pesticides, fungicides or PGR.
Packing: 50 ml, 100 ml, or as per requirement.
Bulk Packing: 50 Litre HDPE Containers.